A Discussion of Merger Arb and Event Driven Trading


The podcast hosted by Michael Samuels of Broome Street Capital, According to Sources discusses merger-arb strategies and talks M&A, all with a focus on the news-sources that cover them.


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"Merger Masters" Series: Roy Behren & Michael Shannon of Westchester Capital

In conjunction with the release of Kate Welling & Mario Gabelli's book "Merger Masters" According to Sources continues it's interview series this week with Westchester Capital Management. Michael Shannon and Roy Behren have worked in tandem at WCM for over 25 years. We discussed portfolio structure, how they gain an edge over other merger-arb funds, and hit on some current situations including Aspen Insurance (AHL) and the breakup of United Technologies (UTX)

According to Morningstar the WCM Merger Fund is +7.09% YTD as of Nov 30th



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