Rocky (Caldera) vs. Apollo: The Behind the Scenes Drama Over the Control of AEL

Sujeet Indap, journalist at the FT wrote the following in July, 2018

" Apollo’s life insurance affiliate Athene Holding (ATH) and Caldera are battling each other for control of American Equity Investment Life (AEL), an Iowa retirement annuities specialist that said in May it had put itself up for sale and has attracted a number of bidders. Athene is also a defendant in the suit.

Caldera accused the defendants of “disparaging Caldera in the marketplace, issuing commercial and legal threats to those doing or considering business with Caldera and filing sham litigation in domestic and foreign fora”. Caldera is asking for at least $1.5bn in damages.

Sujeet joined me last week to update and discuss this ongoing dispute in what I regard as one of Wall St. most under-the-radar dramas...