Scandal in the Chicken / Pork Industry: My Interview with Analyst Tim Ramey (EP:09)

Shares of Eli Lilly have exploded 14% since their announcment to spin-out its animal health division "Elanco".  However, one of Elanco's divisons, Agri Stats, is at the heart of one of the largest class-action lawsuits in the country.  If found guilty Elanco could face billions in damages.  In this episode I interview Tim Ramey, analyst at Pivotal Research, who downgraded Tyson Foods in 2016 and lowered his price target from $100 to $40 after reading the accusations involving Agri Stats.  Not only do we discuss TSN, but we look back at his time covering Herbalife, and his relationships with Bill Ackman, David Einhorn and Carl Icahn during that time period.

Open:  The Eli Lilly animal health spinco "Elanco

4:45:  Interview with Tim Ramey of Pivotal Research on Tyson Foods

13:30:  Interview continues but switches to Herbalife