Merger Masters Series: John Paulson


2:28 It takes a sixth-sense

4:05 Choosing which deals to participate in

6:30 SKY ltd / Comcast / Disney

7:45: Early career

17:00 Hedge fund vs. family office

18:34 PFE/ AGN

25:17 BMY / CELG

32:08 Detour Gold

40:02 Merger -arbitrage post The Big Short

42:10 Activism

45:30 Puerto Rico

50:09 6 questions for John Paulson

1) President Trump

2) Fannie / Freddie

3) When you seek an opinion that lies outside of Paulson funds, who is your first call?

4) If you could only invest in 1 outside hedge fund, who would it be?

5) Word association: cannabis, bitcoin, Elon Musk, CNBC Television

6) If you'd never become a fund manager, what would you have become?