Rocky (Caldera) vs. Apollo: The Behind the Scenes Drama Over the Control of AEL

Sujeet Indap, journalist at the FT wrote the following in July, 2018

" Apollo’s life insurance affiliate Athene Holding (ATH) and Caldera are battling each other for control of American Equity Investment Life (AEL), an Iowa retirement annuities specialist that said in May it had put itself up for sale and has attracted a number of bidders. Athene is also a defendant in the suit.

Caldera accused the defendants of “disparaging Caldera in the marketplace, issuing commercial and legal threats to those doing or considering business with Caldera and filing sham litigation in domestic and foreign fora”. Caldera is asking for at least $1.5bn in damages.

Sujeet joined me last week to update and discuss this ongoing dispute in what I regard as one of Wall St. most under-the-radar dramas...

The Cowen & Co. “Merger and Event Team”

Aaron Glick and Eric Rose from Cowen & Co. join the podcast this week to discuss Shire/Takeda, Aetna/CVS, ESRX/CI and several other large transactions. They describe the methods in which their team gains an edge on the rest of Wall St. in the merger & event space, and later we list what deals perhaps pose the greatest risks / present possible short trades. Companies discussed: COL, FOXA, DVMT, RCII, PACB, ESIO, AET, ESRX

"Merger Masters" By Kate Welling & Mario Gabelli: My interview with the Author

Paul Singer, Michael Price and John Paulson are just a few of the great merger-arb investors and corporate titans of industry that are interviewed by Kate Welling in the new book "Merger Masters." With contributions by Mario Gabelli, the book examines the founding fathers of this industry, infamous deals gone both right and wrong, and revisits the effect Ivan Boesky had on the entire industry.

Jason Varano of the Nomura Securities Event Desk: DVMT, COL, FOXA, CPB, ATHN, PZZA

In what I consider to be one of the best interviews thus far on According to Sources, Jason and I do a deep-dive into the situation between DVMT, VMW and Carl Icahn. What are the downside risks? Has Carl Icahn lost a step in recent years? What could a Rockwell Collins block from China mean for the entire merger-arb space? Does Dan Loeb stand ANY chance of winning the CPB board? We discuss these issues and much more.

Barnes & Noble Going Private: Is This Time For Real?

John Malone, Ron Burkle, Jana Partners, Tom Sandell: Each of these investors have either taken a stake or bid for Barnes & Noble (BKS). Now that the company has finally turned the review process over to an independent committee, will this time be different? What is this company worth? Would Amazon be interested? I give my thoughts and later I interview Gabelli analyst John Tinker.

Investing in Cannabis: Interview with Sean Stiefel of Navy Capital

On October 17th, marijuana goes fully legal in Canada. This event, combined with the Canopy Growth Corp investment made by Constellation Brands / Stories of Coca-Cola entering CBD beverages have made the cannabis space the most discussed sector in the past few weeks. What events will unfold over the upcoming months that will either continue to validate the sector OR perhaps send these sky-rocketing valuations back down to earth? I sat down with Navy Capital's Sean Stiefel to discuss. Navy was formed in 2014 as a fund specifically designed to participate in the upside from cannabis.

AthenaHealth, Yum China, CBS, AEL & ESL

Athenahealth shares have tumbled following recent media coverage that strategics such as UNH and Cerner are walking away from the process. Perhaps Elliott buying ATHN isn't the best-case-scenario for investors, but it's still a scenario that is worth examining.

Yum China plummeted to $30 last week after headlines that Hillhouse is ending its pursuit, but is the process truly over?

CBS: Is it now in play?